#entreprenorskap Tweetup, Stockholm, October 2010

There’s a small community of entrepreneurs using Twitter and social media in Sweden and thanks to Christian Rudolf at the blog Disruptive we’re finally starting to meet face to face.

The meetups got the name “entrepreneurs unplugged” by Geek Girl Supreme Heidi Harman. A suiting name because what happens at the meetups is that a few entrepreneurs get the chance to tell a story – “unplugged” – from their life as an entrepreneur. It’s all very down-to-earth and real, warts and all.

The previous meetup was this Thursday and I took a few pictures. You can find them here. Brand Eye kindly lent us their office.

Here’s a few of the photos…

Christian makes the introduction.

Anna Caracolias, Adimo, explains something. Her story circled in on the importance of “taking the shot” when an opportunity arises and on facing your fears.

Jonas Hombert is only 24 but already the CEO of a company that has Oprah Winfrey as a client, amongst others. He told the story of how Jaycut got started.

Erik Eliasson runs a cross fit gym in Stockholm. He talked about challenging oneself and building a business on something you love doing.

More pictures here.

A big thanks to Christian Rudolf for organizing and Per Sahlkvist from Brand-Eye for providing food, wine and a place to be! And, of course, a big thanks to the entrepreneurs for sharing their stories. Looking forward to the next meetup and more stories.

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One Comment on “#entreprenorskap Tweetup, Stockholm, October 2010”

  1. heidi harman says:

    Hy thanks for the supreme and all, wish i could have been there with you, next time…

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