Photos from SSWC 2011

Sweden Social Web Camp is an unconference held on an island in the Blekinge archipelago in souther Sweden. I’ve written about it before so this time I will just post a few photos I took. Perhaps I will get back with a longer post for this years edition, there was a lot to digest.

You can find my Flickr-set here and the group with photos from everyone here. There are currently 1346 photos in the group…

These are the ones I took and that I’m pleased with.

Anna on the rocks.

Jocke i trädet
Jocke in the tree.

Jumping from a cliff.



The Brit
The Brit (there can be only one).

I’ve got the power!

Tents and geeks.

Magic evening
We’ve got a jumper!

Good times.

All the photos (except two that didn’t upload for some reason) are also on Google+.


One Comment on “Photos from SSWC 2011”

  1. AMAZING images. You really captured the spirit of #SSWC 2011, and for one I love an image of my self 😉

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